14 mai 2019

Stonehenge : Builders' Origin Revealed

Scientists compared DNA from Neolithic Britain’s inhabitants with other Neolithic people who lived in Europe at the same time. It appears that these Neolithic inhabitants made part of the same group. They travelled together from Anatolia (current Turkey), through Iberia, and finally to Britain in 4,000 BC. Actually, the majority of these people crossed the Mediterranean to reach Britain, whereas a minority followed the Danube and travelled through Central Europe.This travel comes within the scope of massive expansion of people out... [Lire la suite]
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02 avr. 2019


  Apartheid was a legal and official system of laws which authorised the racial segregation and which encouraged the repression of black people and their culture in aid of the white population and their desire. This system has caused a lot of problems and spread poverty and hate through the black populations. The police was of course on the side of the state, repressed the local population and didn't hesitate to shoot with real bullets against the people who were protesting. They brought tanks and helicopters and killed... [Lire la suite]
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