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14 mai 2019

Doctor Who

Doctor Who, A Famous Series


If you have not watched the series, you should know the TARDIS – the blue box- or one of the different actor who played the Doctor – like David Tennant, Math Smith or Peter Capaldi.

 The next season of the series will be release on beginning of 2020. The actor who will play the Doctor is the same actor than in the previous season, Jodie Whittaker, the first woman who interpreted the Doctor.

The Doctor is an alien, a Time Lord, one of the last of his specie, with a human appearance of ~900 years. When he died, he can regenerate himself to another body with another personality at that time thirteen actors played the Doctor from 1963 to 2020. He travels time and space with him/her companion(s) to save the Earth and the space from different alien threats in the TARDIS, "Time And Relative Dimension In Space".

The series asks interesting question about many subjects like the modification of the DNA, with the Daleks, about AI with the Cybermen, friendship, the Time, the good and evil.


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Jail Sentence For Puppy Killer

A man has been jailed for nine months for attacking his girlfriend and stamping two puppies to death.

Stuart Adams, 36, from Edinburgh, pled guilty to assaulting Lorraine Hogg on 22 January and to causing the two-week-old dogs unnecessary suffering.

 He punched Ms Hogg, causing her to hit her head on a cupboard door. 

When Ms Hogg's dog ran to protect its mistress, Adams kicked the animal and made his way to where its litter of eight puppies lay.

He then stamped two of them to death.

Defence solicitor, Kim Schofield, said drink had played a large role in the incident.

Her client had shown a very high level of remorse and had been very distressed by the narration in court, she said.

Adams was also given a life-long ban on keeping any animals.



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It 2

In chapter two : the sequel of It 1
"In chapter two" represents the sequel of the famous american horror story It. 
This movie comes out the  18 of september 2019 and was realised by Andy Muschietti. The mains actors of this movie are Bill Skarsgard, James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain.
Every 27 years, an evil creature goes back in Derry 's street in the Main to haunt it. 
30 years after the evenments of the first opus, the members, now adults, of the club find again and the meet introduce a new  story...

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Alice and Constant 

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Duc of Sussex visits Oxford Children's hospital!


After the birth of his baby archie, the prince harry was today on the May 14th, the honor guest of Children's oxford hospital.

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indeed, he met youngsters at Oxford Children's Hospital and was presented with a teddy bear gift by a patient name's Daisy Wingrove, 13.

He chatted about Archie during the visit, confessing the baby had kept him up the previous night and he "can't imagine life without" him.

The duc of Sussex son was born on 6 May.


By Enzo Tahir and Baudouin Maigne.

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The four finalists of the Playoff !

As you know, before the grand finals there are matches between the two teams of each conference. In the West conference, the last winner, Golden State Warriors, defeat Houston Rockets in 6 games for the second time in a row and they will play against  the Portland Trail Blazers who beat the favorite Denver Nuggets; It was a very physical and long fight in seven matches with a great C.J McCallum and a dispointing Jamal Murray in the game 7. On the other conference, the Milwaukee Bucks erased Boston Celtics in five matches and the Toronto Raptors destroyed the Philadelphia 76ers at the last second with a historical shot from Kawhi Leonard on Joel Embiid in the Scotiabank Arena.

Finally, there will be some very interesting matchups for the conference finals : Toronto against Milwaukee and the face-off between Golden State and Portland. We hope that Raptors will win and the Warriors too for a great confrontation.



Ulysse & Jean-Baptiste 
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last European council where English are present

the European elections is taking  place in France on 26 th May 2019 , the result will be know at 8 o'clock.

Will Brexit further blur a poll that is already difficult to read in the eyes of citizens? The failure of the negotiations on the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU could in any case have important consequences for the European elections. Because if the British parliament avoids the no deal (in French), this Wednesday night, it will be forced to request a postponement of the application of Brexit, at the risk of bumping into the vote of May 26 .

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Caron Thibaud and Lebrun Alexis

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What’s app discovers a cyber-surveillance attack by hackers

 In the beginning of this month, some hackers found a vulnerability or weakness in the system. Therefore, they were able to install the surveillance software by ringing the device. The app, which is owned by Facebook, said the hack targeted a "select number of users”. A report by the newspaper the Financial Times found that even if the call was not picked up the surveillance software could be installed. It demonstrate that the security system of what’s app is not infallible. The Financial Times said, the spyware was developed by NSO Group, an Israeli cybersecurity and intelligence company which sold the software to governments around the world. Now the real question is what the app done, it released a software update to improve security on Monday.


Iannis Boudignon and Alexandre Bauer

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Maybe a UEFA ban for Manchester City

Manchester City will maybe ban of Championsleague for breaking some financial rules.

No vote in such cases, the final say lies with him but several of his colleagues are understood to have firmly expressed the view at a recent meeting that a season-long ban would be a suitable punishment if City are found guilty.

The Belgian prime minister, chairman of the investigatory panel of Uefa's independent financial control board, is set to make a recommendation this week.

Nevertheless, according to one well-placed source, a final decision is yet to be made by chief investigator Yves LetermeRésultat de recherche d'images pour "manchester city logo"

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Deepest dive in the world

An American explorer called Victor Vescovo has broken the record for the deepest ever dive.

He descended nearly 11km to the deepest place in the ocean : Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean.

He spent four hours exploring the bottom of the trench in his submarine, built to withstand the big pressure of the deep ocean.The team believes it has discovered four new species of prawn-like crustaceans called amphipods, saw a creature called a spoon worm 7,000m-down and a pink snailfish at 8,000m.

But he also saw evidence of plastic pollution : Victor's team found a plastic bag and sweet wrappers.

The scientists found plastic and synthetic fibres such as nylon in the stomachs of most of the creatures they studied.

Sea fleas.

Raphaël and Thomas

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E-Sport, The Futur Sport ?

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In a century when all the real activities are replaced by the online hobbies, a new form of sport has been created; E-Sport!

Before, people played just normaly video games, alone, or with some friends. But after some iconic and very famous game like Haxball, Fortnite or Trackmania, the community of these games gathered to make huge contest with some price into the bargain.

These contests grew until becoming new type of Sport which can make gamers live without a job.

Today E-Sport gathers a lot of fans and organises a lot of important events.

We think that it is a great thing that some gamers can live on their passion but it is certainly a bad thing that E-Sport replaces other activities like real sport or hanging out with some friends.



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