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13 mars 2018

What Happened The 13th March

   What Happened The 13th March

   The 13th March 2017 the United Kingdom's Parlement authorizes the first minister Theresa May to apply the 50th article who concern the European Union (first step of the Brexit). The 50th article, it deals with a long-debated provision, which appeared in the draft treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, and maintained in the Treaty of Lisbon : the possibility of withdrawal from the European Union.

   The 13th March 1781, whereas he continues his search on double stars, William Herschel signaled an object like a disk. William Herschel thought, at the beginning, it was a stellar disk or a comet. He made more observations,and after Russian Academician Anders Lexell calculated the orbit and think it was probably a planet. William Herschel agreed, determining that it must be a planet beyond the orbit of Saturn. He called the new planet the "Georgian star" for the King George III but next the planet name became "Uranus" was universally adopted. William Herschel was awarded by the Copley Medal. In 1782, he was nommed "The King's Astronomer".

    The 13th March 1901, Benjamin Harrison the 23rd President of the United States who govern during 4 years (March 4, 1889 – March 4, 1893) died at the age of 67 years. During the American Civil War, he served in the Union Army as a colonel, and was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as a brevet brigadier general of volunteers in 1865. Harrison unsuccessfully ran for governor of Indiana in 1876.He was elected at the U.S.A Senate, where he served from 1881 to 1887. 


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Adam Sedhom and Hugo Rubio

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Avengers Infinity War

Avengers Infinity war is an American superhero film. This film is the film the most expensive so far (480 million dollars) and it gathers a lot of actors like Tom Holland ( Spider-man), Chris Hemsworth ( Thor ), Chris Evans ( Captain America ).


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "avengers infinity wars"In my opinion, this film will be a very satifactory film and maybe the best film in 2018.

We are all impatient to watch this film!

I think there will be a lot of fans because the studio Marvel is the most famous and  liked movie in the world.




Daniel EUNG

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A surprising second life for chewing gum !


Hi everyone !

A british designer named Anna Bullus had an excellent idea. What if the sticky stuff also known as chewing gum could be recycled and transformed in many useful objects. All of this in order to clean the streets.

Anna Bullus

Each year in United Kingdom the councils spend around £50m to clean the streets.

Ten years ago her project began while she was looking at a kerbside and trying to figure out what can be recycle.


But the question was how to convince people to "donate" their gum instead of throwing it on the sidewalk.

So, Anna created pink bins named Gumdrops. These bins are also made of used chewing gum.

gum bin

The university of Winchester was the first to sign up to use these bins. 

The messsage was that gums can be recycled and gave hundreds of coffee cups.

A coffee cup (like the ones below) contains something like 42 pieces of chewing-gum.

Gum cups

Another challenge for the british designer was to find industrial partners to realize her project.

Each object contains a minimum of 20% of chewing-gum.

The mixture is put into an injection moulding machine it is heated and then ejected as a paste, which can be moulded into new objects.

Gum factory

Financial support has been given to Anna's project by Wrigley.

Wrigley is an American chewing gum company.

Link of the article on BBC News: (the video is very interesting)

The chewing gum you don't mind stuck to your shoe

British designer Anna Bullus is on a mission to recycle chewing gum into useful objects, cleaning up our streets in the process. More than £14bn is spent on chewing gum around the world each year, but a lot of that gum will end up stuck to the ground.


 Kerbside = bord du trottoir

 Paste = pâte

 Heated = chauffé

 Moulded = modelé, moulé


Please give us your advice in the comments !


Emma LORI and Ewann LE GOFF

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06 mars 2018

Review of the article: The Premier League Player's Salary

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The former US lady annouces her upcoming memoir

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Urban outfitters opening !

Résultat d’images pour urban outfitter rivoli


On the 22th of February a new Urban outfitters store opened on Rivoli ! A party was organised on the Wednesday from 5 p.m to 9 p.m to celebrate its opening.

Urban outfitters is an American store founded in 1970 which doesn't have a lot of store in France. It offers accessories, plants and obviously clothes for men and women. The brand's target are teenagers and young people who like street and vintage style. It is an inescapable store which was really expected by everyone who appreciate to dress with style.

Unfortunately there is no store in France apart from Paris but you can order articles on their websites so don't worry ! If you are abroad they have stores in Belgium, USA, England, Canada, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Holland and so many countries.


Here are a selection of some of our favorites pieces :

Slide View: 1: Vintage European Fatigue Pant

UO Zane Bodycon Midi Skirt

UO Button-Down Denim Mini Dress

Slide View: 1: Jeepers Peepers Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Slide View: 1: Champion X UO - Sweatshirt Reverse Weave col ras du cou crème


If you liked this article and want to see more about the fashion brand here are some links :


 - Website :

 - Blog :

 - Instagram :

 - Twitter :

 - Pinterest :


For those who would like to go to their stores hre are some addresses in Paris :


 - 146 Rue De Rivoli 75001 Paris

 - BHV 52 Rue De Rivoli 75189 Paris

 - Boulevard Haussmann 40 75009 Paris











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This Article Is Safe ! - Commentary

Hey there!

 We just read your article, and it was very good and we learned a lot of things about australian wildlife. We can feel that you made a lot of researches, and you were very precise about the information you gave.

The little thing that would have been nice, for the readers, is that you added your research sources, so we can get more informations on our owns.

We also noticed just a few things that didn't bother us. Firstly, it's really not a big deal but, you just did some typing and grammatical mistakes. Also, you weren't lucky because one of us is clearly a Box Jellyfish fan : you said "Its size varies from 10 to 80 cm depending on the species", and that really made him MAD as Box Jellyfishes can reach up to 3 meters long !!!

But in the overall, as we first said it was a very-interesting-usefull-complete-article. Don't worry, we are just maniacs.

P.-S. : Australia isn't the largest island of the world, as it is a continent! Greenland is the largest island. <3

Alvar Deroo and Manon Mercier

Article link:






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The Eagles Against The White House

Image associée

Sunday, February 4th, the Eagles from Philadelphia won their first SuperBowl against the Patriots. The score was 41 for the Eagles and 33 for the Patriots. The SuperBowl takes place each year on the first Sunday of February. It is the most important event of the United States of America. This event gather the two most stronger teams of the country. At the begining and at the half-time, famous singers come to sing national anthem and their own songs. This sunday, the two singers was Justin Timberlake and Pink. Their performances was amazing and wonderful.

According to the tradition, each team who won the SuperBowl visit the White House with the President and pay tribute to the american governement. But this years, some people of the Eagles team like Torrey Smith, refuse to pay tribute to it because of the new president, Donald Trump. Wednesday, February 7th, Torrey Smith said "if the Eagles win the Super Bowl, he would skip the traditional White House visit with President Donald Trump". Since that Donald Trump is the president of The United States some people of  the winner's team, refuse to pay homage to the government. It was never happened when other presidents were in power.

Anna Verdeil and Lucas Lusseau



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Four Movies To Absolutely Watch In 2018

To listen to the article click here : British

Movies are an incredible way to escape yourself and to relax through differents stories.

This list is going to be very useful to choose and find all the movies you need to enjoy the moment.

1. Phantom Thread

Résultat d’image pour phantom thread

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, this American drama relates the story of Reynolds Woodcock, a dressmarker who is engaged to work for the high society. One day, he meets Alma who is going to be his mistress and his inspiration.

If you like sentimental movie this is only for you, girls.  

2. Black Panther

Résultat d’image pour black^panther

After participating to the confrontation between Iron Man and Captain America, T'Challa king cames back to his house to take his place on the throne of the Wakanda, an African nation technologically very advanced.

You will enjoy it if you enjoy adventure.

3. Lady Bird

Résultat d’images pour lady bird

Produced by Greta Gerwing, Lady Bird is a dramatic movie that relate the story of a student who lives in Sacramento. She tries to run away her town to study in New York.

Dedicated to the rebels teenagers.

4. Red Sparrow

Résultat d’image pour red sparrow

This thriller introduces the broken carreer of the dancer, Dominika Egorova. She is going to use her body and her charms to be a Russian secret agent . Between seduction and manipulation, the movie will be hectic.  

See you soon, guys.

Daphné VAZ



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13 févr. 2018

Yesterday : The NBA Was On Fire

Yesterday : The NBA Was On Fire

        Washinton's players are on fire, indeed they won 111-102 against Indiana and eight players scores more than ten points. After this match, Washington was 4th in the East conference after Cleveland who lost against Houston Rockets 88-120 : this has been the biggest shame for 6 years at home. In the East conference Boston Celtics won against Portland on the edge 97-96. In a total logic, Toronto climbed to the first place because they won against Memphis Grizzlies who are the 12th in the order.

        In the West conference, at the 4th place, we have Minnesota who won against New Orleans 118-107. With our big surprise, the Spurs losted against a Rudy Gobert on fire with his team : Utah Jazz 111-120. At the first place, we have Golden States Warriors. It's an evidence because they have 44 victories and 13 defeats.

The battle is going to be very difficult for the playoffs because the teams are involved more than ever !!!!!!!!!!

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