What’s super bowl?

The super bowl is the final match of the playoff during the NFL’s championship. The NFL is the national league of football (and not soccer).

This year, the Rams of Los Angeles were playing against the New England’s Patriots on February 3rd. Super bowl was created is 1965 so it was the 53rd one and the Patriots swept the Rams (13-3).

The football is the national sport in the USA and one of most practiced because football has been created for everyone in 1920. So this show is logically the most watched for a few years now, it generates about 4 million by 30s of advertising. The show featured loads of stars like Beyoncé, Michael Jackson and so on … during halftime but 2019 in Atlanta wasn’t that great as America’s people thought. In fact, Travis Scott was on fire and supporters too but Maroon 5 did actually a bad show because mainly of the controversy of Kaepernick’s matter. It was a disapointing year for the Super Bowl.

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