Caroline Lucas is a political personality of Great Britain, precisely of England. Veolia (a recycling company) has been forced to adapt a 30 years-contract to autorize Brighton's atourities to collect more plastic waste. Caroline Lucas said that this company refused requests to change the contract, as result ; attemps by the city to collect more plastic waste had failed. Cities of Brighton and Hove has a recycling rate to 30%. The council is restricted to collecting plastic bottles from householders for recycling as a result of its contract with Veolia; many other UK councils collect trays and other plastic recyclate along with bottles. Miss Lucas said : “Brighton and Hove council have a 30-year PFI contract with Veolia. They are refusing to change the contract so that a wide range of plastics can be recycled. The council doesn’t have the £1m for the required machinery at the Veolia plant to enable a wide range of plastic to be recycled.” Michael Gove, the environment secretary, has said the council could write to him about the issue after questioning by Lucas. Brighton and Hove did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but Lucas said she would continue to push the council and Veolia to look again at their restrictive recycling contract. “I’ll be encouraging the council to write to Michael Gove urgently so we can finally start recycling a wider range of plastics,” she said.

Brighton and Hove has a recycling rate of 30%.


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