By mid-December, Gatwick Airport was suspended for almost three days after several drones flew over the runways.
To cope with the risks of flying drones, London's Gatwick and Heathrow airports have taken a radical step.
They have in fact decided to acquire military-type defense equipment to detect any unmanned aerial system,
reports the British daily The Times. An investment of several million pounds sterling was announced at Gatwick Airport, while the legislation in force was
strengthened in 2018 in the United Kingdom, banning their use within a kilometer of an airport and a altitude greater
than 400 feet (122 meters).
Last December, drone intrusions disrupted air traffic for three days in Gatwick,
considered the second airport in the country. Nearly 140,000 travelers were affected by the removal of a thousand flights.
Last week, local police said the drones had been sighted nearly 120 times in the vicinity of the airport where the army had
been called in reinforcements.
In my opinion, the mesures taken are good for passenger safety because the incident is worrying.

HERMAN Alexandre BARA Yanni