Next week, a crucial vote at Westminter's  Parliament will take place. Its purpose is to approve the tex negociated by Theresa May after more than 2 years of tough arguments with EU officials.The text is a historical turning point for the United-Kingdom because it will define the relationship betwen UK and the rest of Europe.

However, at this stage, it seemns that there is simply no majority to approve it. Indeed, Theresa May withdrew the text right before Christmas as she knew it would be rejected.

Allthrew the Tries have a cleer majority at Westminster, both hard brexiter and remainers are strongly against the proposed deal. It is astonishing how two firm apposents have unified themselves and create a perfect political deadlock.

To set out of this major issue, some have been proposing to set up a new referendum. Unfortunately, time is runing out and one could wonder which question ought to be asked to the British people. Also, the PM is strongly opposed to this very idea.

In my opinion, politicians should have better informed the citizens about Brexit ant it consequences  because clearly, they were not prepared for this political tsunami. But actually, people were not able to weigh the pros and cons about Brexit vote. This vote has deeply divided the country, betwen old and young, poor and rich, urban and country people... The fracture was so huge that families were instructed not discussing about Brexit during Christmas break.


Anaïs and Cyprien