The Nike brand has placed in the heart of its new advertising 
campaign the American football player Colin Kaepernick,
opposed to Donald Trump and blacklisted by the National
Football League (NFL).
 Quelques heures après le lancement de sa nouvelle campagne de publicité incluant Colin Kaepernick, Nike subit une campagne de boycott.

Fans of the comma were choked byhearing the news. The
face of Nike has indeed divided the country in recent months,
taking a stand against police violence against Afro-Americans.
A boycott campaign is now targeting the brand: indeed,
Americans are posting numerous videos of them burning their
pairs of Nike shoes, with the hashtag #boycottNike.

Anger that goes back to 2016

The former San Francisco 49ers player divided the US
population for protesting at football matches in 2016.
He refused to stand up to sing the American anthem,
or kneeled on the ground while it was played.
Kaepernick denounced the police violence, after cases
that had stirred public opinion, including the
decision of popular juries not to prosecute white
policemen responsible for the death of blacks like
Michael Brown Ferguson or Eric Garner in New York .
"There are corpses on the street and people
who can escape murder charges," he told the NFL website.

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 Written by ZIESLER-CASADO Louis

and BATAILLE Roman