The university of Cambridge wants to recruit the poorest students in England to break the stereotype of the highly selective university and the low recruitment rate of black students. They are putting forward the results of a student instead of his wealth.

As Prof Toope said : "We cannot be truly great as university if we aren't open to the social and cultural diversity of the world around us." In Cambridge university as well as in Oxford, data revealed that four-fifths of students accepted had parents with top line jobs.


Candidates who show promise of excellence but may have come up against barriers to achieving their full potential will join a three-week bridging scheme. They will then attend a foundation year designed to help them reach the required standard for Cambridge entry.

However, they only could receive support if it was prepared to support top talent, they are aiming to raise at least £500 million to attract and support the poorest students from around the world. Presently, entry to Cambridge requires good results (at least 3 A's in A-level).

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Written by  Lucie TURNER, Milan AZIKA EROS and Gauvin TREGUER