Recently, a social media for under thirteen years old kids has been created by Facebook, which is not allowed to them. Messengers kids is a simplified app, and needs a parental approval to be used. Each time two kids want to become friends, parents need to agree to that new friendship.

It looks like a good idea. In fact, a lot of kids are using Facebook, and it can be dangerous for them as, too often, ill-intentioned adults are abusing of them. So this new social network is a good thing, because children can talk with others children.

The problem is that there will always be someone to get around protections. Can parents really trust Facebook about the security of the app? And it should be clear policies about data collection, because, at that age, children often do things they could regret later. Morevoer, kids just shouldn't use social networks at all. They are easily influenced, innocent, and breakable. They are not able to make out the good and the bad accounts.

Furthermore, technology is bad for young kids, they should go out, have fun, and develop their sociability, not become nervous and addictive to screens.

So if you are a parent, we think that this new social network can not be worst than the real Facebook anyway, but you still have to be prudent.

Lorène DE GRANDI, Victoire DIRAT, and Léna-Rose CARLI