Football is definately a hot topic at the moment, especially as the draw for the World Cup in Russia next year has just been released.

Among the matches that will kick off the first round of this event, there is notably Australia against France. Accroding to the draw, Australia is the first country that will verse France.

We are bringing you the football news in a conversation between an Aussie and a Frenchie...

- AUSSIE: To briefly recount our fierce argument in which we discussed the names of the two teams, Australia named our team the 'Socceroos' after our national animal-the kangaroo and of course the game soccer. France named their renowned team after a ham sandwhich- le cordon bleu.

- FRENCHIE: While Australia wins the name game, The Blues can beat the Socceroos any day.

These two countries have already had a match together during an friendly match on the 11th of October 2013. The difference in points is absolutely awesome because it was finished by a score of 6-0 for a French win.

- AUSSIE: Okay but your team wears blue, apparently because your flag is blue even though the Australian flag has far more blue than the French one!

- FRENCHIE: Firstly it is not the same blue as yours. It is a SPECIAL blue only for France.

- AUSSIE: So France is special and they have their own 'special' blue. Good for you!

- FRENCHIE: Furthermore Australians, while your flag is blue and red, your soccer team wears green and gold. That doesn't make sense because it has nothing to do with your country!

- AUSSIE: Well seeing as France stole our blue, we couldn't exactly wear the colours of our flag. Moreover, the green and gold are unique and uplifting colours that unite Australians in all our sports like sailing, netball and rugby. Green and gold are our sporting colours. 

Well, with all that said, I think we can say that the upcoming game will be one to watch!

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas everyone!!!!